Sulfur Sublimation Control in Fabric Filter Baghouse

In the control of emissions from a mineral wool cupola we learned of the interesting phenomenon of sulfur sublimation. Certain forms of elemental sulfur will sublime (vaporize directly from the solid phase) at temperatures above 200ºF (93.33ºC). This can present a perplexing problem in processes where elemental sulfur is collected by fabric filtration at elevated temperatures. Sublimed sulfur vapor can pass through the filter medium and condense in the air to form a noticeable, white plume. This will have operators looking for bag leaks that do not exist. If this occurs in your baghouse, look for the presence of elemental sulfur, a yellow dust, in the baghouse catch. If present, it may be necessary to cool the gas stream somewhat.

If you have concerns about bag leakage contact our Aftermarket Service Department as an audit may be in order. LDX Solutions can assess your current emission control systems to ensure that it is operating to its full potential and in compliance with your APC requirements.

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